Who We Are

Your Success, Secured.

GEON Digital Services was founded under the initiative of being an agency that stands out for its personalized service and its focus on concrete results.

We built a methodology that allows us to organize and develop our work completely remotely, so our goal today is to reach new frontiers and work together with international clients.

Currently we specialize in Integral Digital Marketing, Website Development and Web Support Service, providing in each service a personalized attention to our customers to achieve the goals we set.

Matias Moyano Carranza

CEO of GEON Digital Services

Matias Moyano Carranza is the current GEON Digital Services. With a specialized background in sales and marketing, he directs and coordinates GEON’s activities thinking about the care of the company’s members and the total satisfaction of each client.

Carlos Moyano

Founder and CSO of GEON Digital Services

Our founder and CSO, Carlos Moyano, has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is an expert on electronic e-commerce, which allows him to provide professional and complete assistance to each client’s needs.

Ezequiel Garrido

CTO at GEON Digital Services

Ezequiel Garrido is a full stack developer, and currently a CTO at GEON Digital Services. Their organized and meticulous way of working gives our companies the right IT strategies to move towards new challenges.

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Whether you’re at the beginning stages of the project or almost done, we can help you fine-tune or start from scratch.


Our developers build customer-tailored, business-critical software solutions using agile methods.


As soon as we are ready, our developers will launch the solution and function according to specifications.


We can provide our clients the insights they need to guide business decisions based on real data and not ambiguous feelings.

Expand Your Online Business with an Ecommerce-Focused Digital Marketing Agency

We work closely with you to understand your goals and create effective digital marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results. Let us be your strategic partner in growing your business in the competitive realm of ecommerce.

Industries We Serve:

If you are an online retail store, we can assist you in increasing sales and enhancing your online visibility through tailored digital
marketing strategies for the retail sector.

If you’re in the real estate business, we can develop targeted digital marketing campaigns to reach buyers and sellers, expanding your reach and generating business opportunities.

If you’re a property developer, we can promote your projects through digital marketing strategies that target individuals interested in real estate investments.

If you offer professional services online, such as consulting, legal advice, accounting, among others, we can help establish your online presence and generate qualified leads.

If you own a food-related business or a restaurant, we can implement digital marketing strategies to promote your products, increase reservations, and generate online sales.

If you’re in the fashion and accessories industry, we can help you promote your brand and products through digital marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience.

If you provide health and wellness services or products, we can help you reach an audience interested in improving their quality of life and generate business opportunities.

If you operate in the technology sector, we can develop digital marketing strategies to promote your products and services, reach your target audience, and increase sales.

If you specialize in home decor or run an online store for home-related items, we can help position your brand and products in front of your target audience.

If you’re involved in the art and culture world, we can develop digital marketing strategies to promote your events, exhibitions, artworks, and more, reaching an audience interested in this industry.

Our ever-growing experience allows us a comprehensive approach when thinking and developing solutions.